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Vastu Shilp Architects are one of the North India's leading Architectural Design firms specializing in Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design. Over the past many years the firm has established itself as a primer design brand and has successfully integrated itself into Project management and premium property development. With this wide range ability,Vastu Shilp Architects provides a set of holistic professional offerings to the client and end-user. The core competencies of Vastu Shilp Architects are based on the longstanding experience of our staff and our innovative function-driven architectural process. The firm has designed and executed architecture and interior design works in diverse fields ranging from residential complexes and bungalows to hospital and educational institutions; From corporate offices and headquarters to cinemas and department stores.

Our Special Services

Building Design

Building design refers to the broadly based architectural, engineering and technical applications to the design of buildings.


Urban Design

Urban Design is the art of creating and shaping cities and towns, giving form and character with the design of buildings,


Planning and Interior Design.

Interior Planning & Design, Inc. Is a full-service commercial design, residential interior design,